AC/DC Limited Edition Models

AC\DC Pinball LE

Back in Black LE, BIBLE; ONLY 300 units
Let There Be Rock LE, LTBRLE; ONLY 200 units

AC/DC Pinball BIB, LTBR LE & Premium lineupLTBRLE (left) and BIBLE (right).

Official Stern Pinball AC/DC Pinball LE and Premium Models Features List.

— Additional Features:
Unique Mirrored Backglass for each LE model
“Shake And Quake” Shaker Motor
12” Subwoofer for Enhanced Sound Performance
Designer Autograph Under Playfield Hard Coat
Numbered Plaque (Back In Black:1-300 ; Let There Be Rock: 1-200)
Authenticating Stern Pinball Inc., Official Product Hologram
Signed Certificate Of Authenticity
Laser Cut, Glossy Powdercoat Side Armor With Backing Plates
Matching Laser Cut Backbox Hinges
Matching Legs and Front Molding
Red Transparent Lower Arch
Unique Silk Screened Cabinet Decal Artwork

AC/DC Pinball LTBR LTBRLE Let There Be Rock and BIB BIBLE Back In Black Model, and Premium Flyer

For the full Information Flyer on the AC/DC Pinball LTBR & BIB LE (Limited Edition) Models from Stern Pinball can be found here – PDF 2.9MB.


AC/DC Pinball Let There Be Rock LE Backglass

AC/DC Pinball Let There Be Rock LE Backglass

AC/DC Pinball Back In Black LE Backglass

AC/DC Pinball Back In Black LE Backglass

 Additional LE Information

14 September 2012 –  Game Code available.   Stern Pinball’s Game Code Library now includes the AC/DC Pinball’s S.A.M System Bin Code File.  You can learn how to update you pinball’s Game Code for the S.A.M System from this helpful PDF from Stern.

Latest Version/Changes – AC/DC Premium/LE Models

V1.6 – Sep 07, 2012

V1.52 – May 30, 2012

V1.5 – April 27, 2012


30 March 2012 – The gentlemen who owns the AC/DC Pinball Limited Edition featured at the Texas Pinball Festival 2012 has shared many images of his BIBLE.


28 March 2012 –  BEST VIDEO SO FAR!  Awesome gameplay video of the AC/DC Pinball LE’s (Limited Edition) and the Premium from the 2012 Texas Pinball Festival.  Source: gizmnoic.  (This video should be enjoyed in HD)


07 March 2012 – Watch designer Steve Ritchie as he plays his AC/DC Pinball Limited Edition Whitewood in the Engineering Department at Stern Pinball in October 2011.


27 March 2012 – Below are several new photos of the AC/DC Pinball Let There Be Rock Limited Edition – LTBRLE.  Unboxing, Playfield, Lower Playfield – Hell, Limited Edition Plate – 002/200 and more.  Source Pinside.


Back in Black will feature a unique silk screened cabinet decal and artwork with black over chrome side armor and backing plates.
Let There Be Rock will have the same cabinet artwork but red over yellow side armor and backing plates.

  • Unique mirrored backglass for each LE model
  • “Shake And Quake” shaker motor
  • 12” subwoofer for enhanced sound performance
  • Designer autograph under playfield hard coat
  • Numbered plaque (Back In Black:1-300; Let There Be Rock: 1-200)
  • Authenticating Stern Pinball Inc. official product hologram
  • Signed certificate of authenticity
  • Matching laser-cut backbox hinges
  • Matching laser-cut legs and front molding
  • Red transparent lower arch
  • Unique silk-screened cabinet decal artwork (Back in Black only)
  • A Hells Bell plastic toy that swings when a pendulum ball attached to the bell is hit
  • A beautifully molded *BIG* AC/DC Rock N Roll Train with LED headlight above the left ramp
  • An Animated Bandstand with all band members rocking and swaying back and forth
  • There’s an extra diverter on the left ramp that feeds a cross-track so that the cannon can be loaded from either ramp
  • An animated Highway to Hell multi-LED “Flames Tunnel” that looks like burning fire
  • A 5 bank of drop targets with great rebounds and spells AC/DC
  • A 3-bank of drops in the center, spell T-N-T and include a SLAM target to hit when all 3 targets are down
  • 4 standup ROCK targets on the right side, so it is possible to hit targets in all 3 banks with one good shot
  • An animated Detonator with a coil that triggers the T.N.T. feature and sits right above the T.N.T. drop targets
  • A lower play-field (Hell) with Lexan window, Lit in RED, two smaller flippers, 3 targets, and a two way orbit shot
  • An owner/operator will be able to change a software adjustment to allow the full Rosie effect on the dot matrix display
  • Beautiful laser cut side armor with a large cannon, lightning bolts, AC/DC logos. The side armor, legs, front molding, and backbox hinge are powder coated glossy bright red in the Let There Be Rock LE model. The Backbox hinge is also laser cut in the shape of Angus’ guitar
  • The LE game is lit with LEDs
  • …and more.